private equity

Private Equity Investments

Mekaish Group invests strategically in well positioned companies with a sound and disciplined investment philosophy and process.

Mekaish invests institutional capital in various portfolio companies. The executive management team invests alongside its investors. We are actively involved in portfolio companies through board representation and assume a non-executive role in the companies and the subcommittees of the boards.

Investment Objectives and Criteria

  • To make medium- to long-term equity and equity related investments
  • To achieve above-average investment returns
  • To champion and promote transformation and BEE in portfolio companies

Strategy / Criteria

  • Partner-established companies seeking medium- to long-term equity partners
  • Invest in profitable and established businesses with strong management teams
  • Acquire significant minority and/or control positions in portfolio companies (varying from 15% to 80% equity interest)
  • Key executives in portfolio companies will be encouraged to share in the equity risks and rewards
  • Where possible, employee share ownership schemes will be implemented
  • Investment horizon of up to seven years
  • Investment size ranges from R3 million to R50 million
  • Investments in most industries, excluding tobacco, liquor, gambling and military weapons industries
  • Focus on investments in South Africa with an ability to invest in the rest of Africa

“We are committed to the success and sustainable growth of our clients through our focus on establishing long term partnerships that are stable, supportive and profitable.”